Toncoin Overview: What is TON crypto?

Yet, the community of TON refused to back down and pulled the heroic feat of reviving the project and launching it to its current heights. Today, Toncoin sits at the 25th spot on CoinMarketCap’s list of cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalizations and it is not stopping there. The major part of Toncoin’s success belongs to the expansive ecosystem of apps and other products that provide the essential use cases for the TON token. NOWPayments assists companies and individuals in contributing to the growth of the Toncoin use case selection, by allowing them to accept TON as a payment method. Nevertheless, TON had cultivated a dedicated audience, and the global decentralized network of crypto enthusiasts and developers recognized the potential of the blockchain. TON and its native token, Toncoin, are still in the development phase.

  • You may search for the kind of token you wish to add after clicking Add Token.
  • This makes it ideal for meeting the demands of Web3, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), smart contracts, and more even when millions of people are using the network.
  • These apps can be used to provide users with access to a variety of services and other distributed ledger-based operations.
  • You can also utilize Ton Whales to stake your TON coin and thus generate yield.

These are the Master blockchain or the Masterchain, and the second is the working blockchain or the Workchain. Anatoliy Makosov and Kirill Emelyanenko would take over the development of TON through an open-source community known as Newton. With no intermediary, users have to be responsible for their own assets. You are more susceptible to scams, as well as responsible for your own passwords. If a decentralized wallet user loses a password or private key, that crypto is lost forever. We’ll discuss more on the TON network and its native token, Toncoin, in the following paragraphs.

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However, the journey of TON wasn’t without its share of hurdles and obstacles, especially during the initial phase. The original vision for TON was to enable seamless cryptocurrency transactions via Telegram. But this vision was disrupted when the SEC stepped in due to Telegram’s failure to disclose the sale of its GRAM tokens, which amounted to $1.7 billion. This oversight led to a court case, which Telegram lost, resulting in the company’s decision to discontinue its association with TON.

  • These features give TON the potential to be a platform for a wide range of applications, from payments and financial transactions to supply chain management and more.
  • If you’re using a centralized exchange, you will most likely be required to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification.
  • The token’s value fluctuates depending on market forces and its use as a medium of exchange.
  • NOWPayments assists companies and individuals in contributing to the growth of the Toncoin use case selection, by allowing them to accept TON as a payment method.
  • Soon, TON will also allow payment for TON proxy and data storage payments.

Thanks to the unwavering efforts of a global, decentralized community of crypto enthusiasts, developers, designers, and other professionals. As the developers of TON say, their community is the key to TON’s future, and they love more crypto enthusiasts to join them. It is a fully decentralized layer-1 blockchain designed by Telegram’s founders. Some of the key use cases surrounding TON are its utility within the ecosystem of applications that are available, and it can also be used for payments or with smart contracts. The Workchain contains all of the transaction information, as well as the various smart contracts which are recorded.

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As a layer-1 blockchain, each transaction results in a reward for those that stake their crypto. By incentivizing validators to help secure the network, ‘The Open Network’ (blockchain for Toncoin) remains safe, secure, and decentralized. The network also utilizes smart contracts to facilitate the completion of various transactions. Toncoin can also be used as currency for dApps within this ecosystem. Now that we’ve discussed “what is Toncoin?”, let’s move on to PoS. Proof-of-stake is the energy-efficient protocol of blockchain networks.


Toncoin (TON) is a Layer 1 blockchain developed in 2018 by developers at Telegram, the encrypted messaging company. The blockchain was initially called Gram and saw rapid growth in 2020. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) caught wind of the network and ruled that Gram was a security. In response to this ruling, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov separated from the blockchain and handed it over to an independent group of crypto enthusiasts.

How much is the trade volume of Toncoin?

According to the TON network website, TON’s technology is well ahead of other layer-1 blockchain networks. TON allegedly has a faster block validation time, coming in at five seconds, while Ethereum takes about twelve seconds. Also, the most noticeable difference between the TON network and Ethereum and Solana is the sharding support. Cross-shard communication within the TON network is at an impressive, near-instant speed.

Comparing TON with Other Layer-1 Blockchain Networks

Many exchanges offer Toncoins, so choose one that suits your style. Decentralized options include PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Biswap, Nomiswap, and ApeSwap, while centralized exchanges such as KuKoin and Huobi also provide purchase abilities. You can buy Toncoin on most major crypto exchanges, Changelly included.

As we’ve addressed the initial question of “what is Toncoin?”, one must wonder what its use cases are. As the blockchain ecosystem evolves, Toncoin’s impact on the new economy and Web3 could become more prominent. Already, Toncoin provides commission payments for processing on-chain transactions with smart contracts. It allows payment for services that apps built on the network provide.

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